Monday, November 12, 2012

And the Mystery Dentist and Patient are....

Congratulations to Laura who knew it was "Footsteps in the Dark" (1941) with Ralph Bellamy and Errol Flynn.  Have a look for our previous discussion of the movie.

Dentists did not routinely wear gloves when I was growing up.  I believe that practice started in the 1980s, possibly related to evolving hygienic protocols during the AIDS scare.  Maybe some of you could dispute or corroborate that. 

I don't suppose the intruments in Errol's mouth are sterile.   (Not that they wouldn't have been in a real dentist's office, but I suspect the prop guy on the set did not posses an autoclave.)


Yvette said...

If I'm going to watch any mystery or thriller and there's a dentist in the mix, I am automatically leery. :)

Unless it's Ralph Bellamy. I love the guy. Even if he's a bad guy. Don't remember if he is in this film or not, but just the idea of him being a dentist makes me suspicious.

I still can't bring myself to watch MARATHON MAN. Ha!

Yeah, the glove thing. When I was growing up dentists didn't wear gloves or masks. Germs were different then. :)

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

I love Ralph Bellamy, too. He really was quite versatile. I'd like cover more of his films sometime.

Laura said...

Oh, fun!! I'm tickled I was right! Thanks. :)

You know, now that you mention it I remember my dentist in the late '70s not wearing gloves. It sticks in my mind because when he got older I remember noticing his hands were a little shaky. They didn't commonly wear masks, either.

Best wishes,

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Yes, you win the blue ribbon today.

I remember when my dentist first started wearing gloves, mainly because his young hygienist, straight from school with newfangled methods, kept harping at him to wear his gloves. He would sigh, resigned, and put them on.

Classic Film and TV Cafe said...

FOOTSTEPS is one of Errol's best comedies. His "double life" makes for some amusing situations.

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