Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ten Classic Film Actors and Actresses from Your State

Dear Edna May Oliver, a formidable talent, and clearly fearless and unrepentant in her poses, is one of my favorite Massachusetts girls.

How about a game to start off the new year?  Name any 10 actors and actress from your state (or country, or Canadian province as the case may be).  Either list them in the comments below, or post them to your own blogs and come back and give me the link to your post so I can share it here.

I'm from Massachusetts, so here's my picks from my home state:

Edna May Oliver
Bette Davis
Eleanor Powell
Thelma Todd
Agnes Moorehead
Charles Bickford
Wendell Corey
Charles Farrell
Jack Lemmon
Lewis Stone

Here's a roster from New Jersey over at Kate Gabrielle's place. 

A team of greats from Missouri over at Terence's A Shroud of Thoughts blog.

Here at Hamlette's Soliloquy you'll find a top-notch gang from Iowa.

Update:  So far we have...
New Jersey
West Virginia
New York
(and specifically, Queens, and NYC)
Ontario, Canada

So far that's 9 U.S. states, and 1 Canadian province.  Keep them coming!

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