Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Running Boards

Oh, running boards, how wonderful they were.  How stylish, and yet functional.  The above photo is not from a movie, but is a publicity shot.  Can you name the actress?

And while we're at it, name the following actors and actresses, and films, in which these famous running boards appear.  There are so many things you can do on a running board....


Proposing marriage on dual running boards.  Is there anything in the world so romantic?


You can have your pals help you take off your sweater while you are sitting on a running board.


You can express consternation and your profound disillusionment with life while sitting on a running board.


Or, you can just milk a cow.

Truly, the possibilities are endless.


Caftan Woman said...

I believe that's Joan Crawford posed on the running board.

The answer to "a" is Alexis Smith and Charles Drake in the ever-popular, once seen never forgotten, oh so aptly named "Conflict".

I'll be thinking about the others. I know I know "d". H'mm.

Caftan Woman said...

Hold on! Of course! "d" is "Remember the Night". Whew. Now for those others I'll have to roll up my sleeves.

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Is the actress in (a) Judy Garland?

(d) is from Remember the Night - I just saw that this past Christmas.

The best running-board scene I can think of is Cary Grant whizzing along on the other side of the hedge in Bringing Up Baby. "I'll be with you in a minute, Mr. Peabody!" :)

Grand Old Movies said...

The 3 gentlemen in (b) are The 3 Stooges - Curly's seated on the running board and standing to the left and right, respectively, are Larry and Moe. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

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