Thursday, November 26, 2020

Holiday Inn on the Radio with Gordon MacRae

Wishing you here in the U.S. a very peaceful and pleasant Thanksgiving, and to you, our neighbors in Canada, Mexico, and around the world...a more hopeful and happy beginning to the holiday season with Gordon MacRae's delightful radio show The Railroad Hour.  

The ambitious musical program, sponsored by the Association of American Railroads (in pre-Amtrak America, there were bushels of independent railroads in this country, passenger and freight) presented cut-down versions of stage and movie musicals and operettas. 

This episode is a version of the movie Holiday Inn (1942), starring Gordon in the Bing Crosby role, and Dorothy Warenskjold, lyric soprano for the San Francisco Opera, in the Marjorie Reynolds role.

I hope you have a chance to sit back and relax today or sometime this weekend with this cozy performance.  Blessings to you all.


Jacqueline T. Lynch is the author of Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star. and Memories in Our Time - Hollywood Mirrors and Mimics the Twentieth Century. Her newspaper column on classic films, Silver Screen, Golden Memories is syndicated nationally.  Her next book, a collection of posts from this blog - Hollywood Fights Fascism - is available here on Amazon.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Hollywood Fights Fascism - now in print and eBook

Classic films were often extraordinary chroniclers of their own times.  Despite the cozy nostalgia that may come to mind when we think of classic films, there could also be an unflinching look at society's evils.  Foremost among them: fascism, in its varying oppressive forms.

Hollywood Fights Fascism is an examination of these movies, and a celebration of integrity.

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