Monday, August 13, 2012

Post-Olympics scramble

A couple things to address today, and then maybe I can turn to getting my life back after the Olympics.

First, sincere thanks to R.C. of "The Shades of Black and White" for passing along to me the Leibster Award.  As you probably know, these awards circle around and require one to list a number of facts about oneself and pass it down to a list of other bloggers.  As I've received this award before...and because there aren't too many interesting facts about myself...I'll just sit this one out with many thanks to R.C. for thinking of me.  Please check out her swell blog.

Second, there won't be any post on Thursday this week, but I'll see you next Monday with my contribution to the Gene Kelly Blogathon sponsored by the Classic Movie Blog Association.

My post will be on "It's Always Fair Weather" (1955) with Gene, Dan Dailey, and the imcomparable Cyd Charisse in a bittersweet story and really fun musical about the reunion of three old army buddies. Hope you can stop by.


Yvette said...

I'll be here, Jacqueline. Maybe I'll doa Gene Kelly movie too even if I'm not a member. (I'm considered too booky.)

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

I'd love to read a post by you on a Gene Kelly movie, Yvette.

John/24Frames said...

I remember Kelly talking about his wife Jeannie when he appeared on TV variety shows back in the day but I did not realize Jeannie was Donen’s ex wife…Ouch! That must have been touchy. As for the film, I like the dark edge this one has unlike so many other musicals. Even the ending is bittersweet with each guy still finding they have so little in common in civilian life. It’s a lot like real like, you meet in the military or college and then when you go back to the real world you find you had little in common with each other. Great read!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thanks, John. Kelly knew Jeanne from years before her marriage to Donen. I'm not sure if their relationship turned romantic while she was still Mrs. Donen or not. At any rate, they were happily married until her untimely death in the 1970s from.

You're right about the bittersweet reality of trying to hang onto friendships that don't work beyond college or the military. I like the way the film explores that.

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