Monday, August 6, 2012

"Cecilia Sisson" Skit

The recent excellent post at Self-Styled Siren on the myth about silent star John Gilbert's failure to make it in talkies because of his voice had me recalling some skits that capitalized on this theme.  Sid Caesar had a memorable bit in "Your Show of Shows".  Though some silent film actors did have difficulty adjusting to sound film, Gilbert wasn't one of them.  Comedy skits such as these may have perpetuated the myth in his particular case.

One of my favorite skits on this theme was done by Carol Channing, about the fictional star "Cecilia Sisson".  Cracks me up.  Have a look:


Caftan Woman said...

So very funny. I had forgotten all about poor Cecilia. My cheeks hurt from smiling. Carol is a true force of nature.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Carol Channing has been caricatured in so many immitations, so much that I think we forget what an excellent mimic she was herself. She used to bust them up on the late night talk shows. She could do such marvelous tricks with her voice, and of course, had splendid comedic timing.

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