Thursday, August 6, 2009

Grauman's Chinese Theater

One of the most iconic movie theaters in the United States, let alone Los Angeles, is Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, later Mann’s, on Hollywood Boulevard, which opened in the 1927. Though evocative of Asian motifs, it’s exotic architecture perhaps demonstrates even more about an ebullient, if not zany, 1927 USA than it does China.

It is equally known for the garden of footprints (and handprints, and hoof prints) in cement that form one of the most popular tourist attractions for visitors to Hollywood, as well as the many studio film premieres held here.

For more on the Chinese Theatre and description of its opulent décor, have a look here.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’d like to open up these occasional posts on individual theaters to everyone who’d like to submit a photo and their own memories and/or research on a particular theater. I’ve realized that there’s a whole lot of movie houses out there in the heartland that you can cover better than I can. The movie theater need not be in business today, and photos are not absolutely necessary, but if you happen to be driving along and some Art Deco marquee catches your eye, grab your camera. Send your info to: Thanks.

I SHOULD ALSO NOTE: The photos must be yours, or in the public domain, with the understanding that any photo or email communication you send may be published on this blog.


John Hayes said...

Hi Jacqueline:

I'll look back thru the Hayes photo archives; I can think of at least one or two off the top of my head.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

The prestigious Hayes Photo Archives! I'd be honored.

Emily said...

I have a few awesome theaters near me. I live just outside of Detroit, Michigan and we have been fortunate enough to have some establishments still showing films. I'll send you a potential post on The Redford, which is also Asian inspired.


Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thanks, Emily. Sounds fascinating, looking forward to it.

Arvind Chayal said...

Thanks for sharing such a nice post on Grauman's Chinese Theater sharing with us.

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