Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mystery Patient and Dentist

Who is the dentist and his mystery patient?  What movie?  Why isn't he wearing sterile gloves?  Answers on Monday.


Joel Bocko said...

Not Jack Nicholson, I guess.

Caftan Woman said...

Oh, that's easy. What?! Who?!

Is the brave patient Bob Cummings?

Am I losing my grip?

Wilbert Takken said...

Hmmm... looks like One Sunday Afternoon with Gary Cooper to me....

Laura said...

I know I've seen this one...I think the dentist is Ralph Bellamy. Maybe FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK? If that's correct then the patient would be Errol Flynn but I don't remember why he doesn't have gloves...I seem to remember a crime in the dentist's office, but it's all much more vague in my memory than it should be! LOL. I'll be curious to see the answers!

Best wishes,

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