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Past is prologue.  Our greatest gift from the Greatest Generation was freedom from fascism...until now.  Relive, and celebrate, how evil was faced, discussed, dramatized...and fought.  

Classic films were the weapon. 

The Greatest Generation received instruction, inspiration, and, of course, entertainment from a source that affected them perhaps even more than the greater technology of generations to follow: the movies.

The movies of the day tell us a lot about that generation, that first generation that fought fascism: what was expected of them, what they hoped to achieve, and how they saw themselves. It is not a perfect measuring stick, but the movies of the day show a passion for fighting fascism by everyday people that may shame their twenty-first century descendants.  Or at least, it should.

Pre-order your e-Book copy now on Amazon (to be published Friday, October 23rd) for the sale price of $1.99!   On Tuesday, October 27th, the price will be raised to $4.99.    The print version will be available at the end of the month ($17.99).


Silver Screenings said...

Okay, this is a shameless ask, but if you're looking for a movie blogger to review this book, I would LOVE to do so.

But if not, I understand, but congratulations anyway on your newest publication. Cheers!

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

I'd be honored to read your honest opinion. Email me at, and I can send you an ebook in any form you like -
mobi to run on Kindle, or ePub to run on pretty much any other device. Or I can send a PDF you can read on your computer. Or, if you'd like to wait a few weeks, I could mail you a paperback when that comes out. Just let me know what you'd prefer. If you want the paperback, then also include a mailing address. I am fine with sending things to Canada. (waves hello across the border)

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