Thursday, July 19, 2018

Teresa Wright - the odd girl

Teresa Wright is one of 50 stars featured in the Big Star Album winter 1943 issue, a quarterly magazine from Dell Publishing Company.  It is a collection of black and white portrait photos, with blurbs or brief bios accompanying each star.

Miss Wright is 24 years old, and already packaged as "different" who "says she wants to reach folks' souls."

The editors note, "You can take for granted that she's an odd girl.  All for art.  Never touches make-up or cigarettes."

Not exactly stellar notices, but in an industry focused on superficial glamour, it demonstrated a wary if grudging respect for the young woman who, probably just as this issue hit the stands and long after this blurb was written -- had been nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in the same year, and won for the latter category for Mrs. Miniver (1942).  The editors seem to have forgotten she had also been nominated the year before for Best Supporting -- three nominations for her first three Hollywood films, a feat that has never been done by anyone else since.

Take that, Big Star Album.


Caftan Woman said...

An ever-inspiring artist.

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

I agree. I've seen THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES (1946) a zillion times, and yet at the end, I still find myself wonder what life is going to be like for Fred and Peggy. Her gentle performances stay with you forever.

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