Thursday, November 7, 2013

WIN A FREE COPY of Dismount and Murder

This is to announce another giveaway for another book, this time my newest novel, Dismount and Murder.  Just send me an email to: with the message I WANT THE BOOK.  I pick the winner's name out of hat, and then I email the winner and get the address where to send the paperback book.  No addresses or emails will ever be published on the this blog.

I'll pick the winner next Thursday morning, the 14th.

Dismount and Murder third in the Double V Mysteries series is now available in eBook, and paperback.  Elmer and Juliet continue their tentative relationship while investigating murder at a wealthy estate in Litchfield, Connecticut, in the summer of 1950, while a horse show on the grounds covers the tracks of a number of suspects.  Elmer, an ex-convict, is now off parole, the Korean War has just started, and television antennas are starting to spring up on rooftops all over the place. 

And then there's that missing corpse.

It's the dawn of a new, unsettling day.

The nifty cover is by your friend and mine, the talented Casey Koester, AKA Noir Girl.
Available in eBook and paperback online here:
And other online merchants.
You can find the two first books in the series, Cadmium Yellow, Blood Red and Speak Out Before You Die also at the above online shops -- and in all of them, except currently for Amazon, the first book -- Cadmium Yellow, Blood Red -- is FREE as an eBook for a limited time.


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