Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to Make Thanksgiving Dinner

Forty-three guests for Thanksgiving and you forgot how to roast a turkey?  Don't fall apart.  Listen to me.  Here's what you do.
First, get a grip.  Say a quick prayer.  Or just stand there wondering what that spot on the ceiling is.
Get the stuff out of the fridge.  Ignore the guy who just came in the kitchen, or else put him to work.
Sautee the onions and celery.  Come on, come on.  We haven't got all day.
Stuff the turkey.  Any way you can, even if it's not pretty.
See?  Nothing to it.  Now go change.  And do something with your hair.  They just pulled in the driveway.
Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans.  Now tell me who these cooks are and from what movies?  Answers next week.


Red Team said...

Okay here goes, at least with the actors: Are the first two Joanne Woodward and Alexis Smith? And then that's Joanie in "Mildred Pierce." Then Betty Grable? And that's Cuddles Sakall, I think in "Christmas in Connecticut." And then Spring Byington.

Loved this, Jacqueline!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

John/24Frames said...

Thats' Curly of Three Stooges fame stuffing the turkey. And you know you are in trouble when you need to depend on a Stooge to prepare Thanksgiving turkey!

John/24Frames said...

And by the way - Happy Thanksgiving Jackie!

grandoldmovies said...

E is Curly Howard, who could stuff a turkey like nobody's business - Happy Thanksgiving!

Yvette said...

The last one is Spring Byington, everyone's favorite grandma in the country - over the river and through the woods style. :)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Jacqueline. Now the real frenzy of the holiday begins!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. And yes, Yvette, mine was pleasant, albeit I am still washing dishes.

However, the bare rosebush branches out the kitchen window were dotted with a support team of five sparrows, all quietly watching me. It was a companionable visit, I did most of the talking. Then they each took their turn in the buffet line at the bird feeder about ten feet away, and came back, munching stuff in their beaks. Or bills, I should say--while I continued the cocktail conversation.

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