Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Kissing Booth

Happy Valentine's Day... join us here in the kissing booth.  Who's doing all this kissing, and from what movie?  Answers on Monday.



Melissa Clark said...

These are tricky! I only recognize C -- Mary Wickes kissing Bing Crosby (while Danny Kaye watches, appalled) in "White Christmas."

Happy Valentine's Day, Jacqueline!


DorianTB said...

Jacqueline, we've got your back! (Sorry, couldn't help it! :-)) I never realized how alike backs can be! I'm sure I pegged WHITE CHRISTMAS (Danny Kaye was a giveaway :-)), and I'm pretty sure I spotted Jane Russell and Victor Mature in THE LAS VEGAS STORY, but I'm stumped by the others. Devilishly clever quiz, Jacqueline! Thanks for a fun Valentine's Day quiz, and have an enchanted evening! :-D

Yvette said...

Don't recognize anyone though I think the guy in Picture F could be Victor Mature.

Good kisses, though.
Ah, romance.

Anonymous said...

D looks like Richard Barthelmess, but I'm not sure who he is kissing or in what film! Judy

LucieWickfield said...

I love these!

(A) looks a lot like Jane Wyman and Leon Ames, which must make it Let's Do it Again.

(B) simply must be Alexis Smith and Bing from Here Comes the Groom.

The man in (E) looks like Dan Dailey and the set looks like It's Always Fair Weather, but I can't think of the woman's name.

ClassicBecky said...

Boy, I don't have any eye at all! I can recognize some of the actors, but I'm really bad at guessing these -- I always subscribe to comments, and I'm hoping you will give the answers!

Laura said...

Fun! I love good old Bess Flowers looking on in Photo A which I believe is LET'S DO IT AGAIN with Wyman and Ames.

I think B is HERE COMES THE GROOM with Smith and Tone?

No doubt that C is WHITE CHRISTMAS, as mentioned above.

I agree E looks like Dan Dailey. In widescreen? Hmmm, I don't remember, did he have reason to kiss Cyd Charisse in IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER? Hair seems too red.

F I know 'cause I just watched THE LAS VEGAS STORY with Russell and Mature.

The others have me stumped! G looks sort of Helen Hayes-ish...

Thanks for a fun game, and hope you had a grand Valentine's Day!

Best wishes,

Caftan Woman said...

We've got "Heroes for Sale" in booth D.

SimpleGifts said...

I think G is Conrad Nagel and Lillian Gish in "One Romantic Night" - I remember loving the dainty wreath in her hair when I saw the film! Jane

LucieWickfield said...

Can't think how I got Bing Crosby and Franchot Tone mixed, but Laura is right.

Must be something about the hairline. That, and I always loved the chemistry between Bing and Alexis.

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