Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seminole Theatre - Homestead, Florida

The Seminole Theatre shown here has a history not uncommon with old silent movie houses. Built here in Homestead, Florida in November, 1921, the Seminole was nearly destroyed in a 1940 fire, but rebuilt and re-opened not only for movies but for live entertainment, only to close again in the late 1970s. At this point, the story of the Seminole takes an interesting turn.

Standing vacant, the theater fell into disrepair, and it took the horrendous 1992 Hurricane Andrew which visited the Homestead area to change the Seminole’s fortunes. The owners donated the now seriously damaged building to the city, left roofless by the hurricane. The Seminole was declared a local historic site, the sole remaining Art Moderne style example of architecture in all of Dade County.

The Seminole Theater Group, organized in 1997, went into action from here, and with fundraising and the efforts of many, the old movie house is coming back to life as a performing arts center.

Have a look at this website on the history of the Seminole Theatre, and at this official site of the theater which shows us the promise of a vibrant community embracing its future through its heritage. A happy ending, just like in the movies.

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