Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The 22nd Academy Awards - March 1950

In this Academy Awards season, let's turn back the clock to March 23,1950 and the Pantages Theater for the best in 1949 films.  Hosted by Paul Douglas, with radio commentary from Ronald Reagan and Eve Arden, you can see segments of the award ceremony here on YouTube
Unfortunately, the delightful performances of the nominated Best Songs is not included in these clips -- but you can hear them in the entire show as it was broadcast on radio at the Internet Archive site.  Among the performers singing are Ann Blyth, Ricardo Montalban, Gene Autry, and others. (Ann Blyth sings "My Foolish Heart" at about 25:10 into Part 1.)


It was the year Olivia De Havilland won for The Heiress, which we discussed here.  Recall the elegance of dress, of manners, and of speech.  The disgust and repugnance that the modern ceremonies engender can be forgotten under the spell of old Hollywood glamour.

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