Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

On this New Year's Eve, let me wish you all very Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2016.

The past year for me has been especially memorable, filled with professional and personal challenges.  The publication of my book on the career of Ann Blyth -- Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star. was a monumental event for me which, well up to the last days before publication and even for weeks afterward, was a project that consumed, inspired, and sometimes drained me.  Never has a book meant so much to me, and the thought that it began on this blog warms my heart.

Thank you for being part of that.

And thank you, as always, for the pleasure of your company.

Next year, along with posts on a variety of old movies, I'd like to examine what it is to be an old movie buff.  I'm considering doing one post per month on the subject.  As part of this series, I'm looking forward to reviewing Cliff Aliperti's new book on Helen Twelvetrees.

See you in 2016.


Caftan Woman said...

The happiest of new year's to you.

Your marvelous book on Ann Blyth is a very proud acquisition to my library. I smile every time I see it or read it.

2016 sounds interesting on Another Old Movie Blog. What exactly is it like to be a classic film fan? I'm too close to tell, although last evening as I touted The Thin Man series to a friend of my daughter's I was likened to folks with a religious fervor. H'mm.

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thanks for your remarks on the Blyth book. In a funny way, that project both restored me and nearly killed me. I love it in a hopeless, tearing way.

I have heard the religious fervor comment before from old movie fans and those that have to live with them. I'm looking forward to kicking around the idea of this new monthly series for the blog.

Thanks for being such a big part of this blog and sharing the adventure of these classic films, CW.

John/24Frames said...

Continued success with your book. One of my highlights was reading your book and the interview we did on it at the time. Looking forward to seeing your plans here for next year. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thank you so much, John. I enjoy your blog as well, and very best wishes for a terrific new year and your wonderful photography.

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