Thursday, July 9, 2015

Calamity Jane, and preview of the 1947 Blogathon

This is to announce the publication of my new eBook Calamity Jane in the Movies, an essay that began as several past blog posts.  The book is available from Amazon here.  It is to be the first in a series of short books examining Hollywood's treatment on historical subjects, as well as the current events of the era in which the films were made.

Calamity Jane, a real-life historical figure in the American Old West gets a "reel" life in Hollywood's varied, entertaining, and inaccurate portrayals.  Fifty-seven pages, includes several historical photos of Calamity Jane, as well as movie stills and lobby card images.  The book is currently priced at $1.99, but can be borrowed free for Kindle Prime subscribers.


Come back next Thursday, the 16th, for my entry in "The 1947 Blogathon", hosted by Shadows & Satin and Speakeasy blogs.  Have a look here for a list of great blogs participating in this fun event.  I'll be writing on Deep Valley, starring Ida Lupino and Dane Clark, a gentle story of two tortured souls finding each other and their attempt to escape a hard and bitter world.


Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star. 

The eBook and paperback are available from Amazon and CreateSpace, which is the printer.  You can also order it from my Etsy shop. It is also available at the Broadside Bookshop, 247 Main Street, Northampton, Massachusetts.

If you wish a signed copy, then email me at and I'll get back to you with the details.


Caftan Woman said...

Roundabout way the mind works. Last week on TVs "General Hospital" a bad guy from the past named Frank Smith returned. It was not the actor who originally played the role as that was just-turned-98 George Gaynes (see my birthday tweet). Mr. Gaynes is married to Allen Ayn McLerie co-star of the Doris Day "Calamity Jane". So while guns were blazing on GH I was thinking about your series on good ol' Calamity.

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Six degrees of...

It's fun to think of all the links, isn't it?

grandoldmovies said...

Congratulations on the publication of your two books, on Ann Blyth and Calamity Jane - a fruitful and productive month!

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thanks, GOM. Certainly, a very busy month.

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