Thursday, July 23, 2015

A few odds and ends...

A few odds and ends today...

These are seamstresses at MGM.  I think they knew what to do with a few odds and ends.

Anybody know them?


We recently had this comment from David on our post on Tension from February 2012 with some great input on the drug store site:

Sorry to bump an old thread. I'm almost certain the EXTERIOR of the drugstore was the southwest corner of West 6th and Alexandria in Los Angeles. In an early shot, you can clearly see that Alexandria is the side street (via the sign) and that there is a gas station across the street, which is now the site of the 7-11. In a later night shot, you can see what I am pretty sure is the sign of the old Ralphs store that is now Chapman Market. Sadly, the drugstore building itself seems no longer to be standing, but I'm 95% sure this is the correct location. 

For reference:

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