Monday, June 15, 2015


THREE days to go until my book, Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star. is published on Thursday, June 18th.

Well, sort of.

The eBook is now up for pre-order on Amazon here. 

BUT, the paperback is actually available now from Amazon and CreateSpace, which is the printer.  I initiated the "for sale" option on CreateSpace, hoping that by the 18th, it would sync-up with the eBook on Amazon, so both would appear on the same page, and this usually takes up to five business days to show up.  Unpredictably, they did it immediately.  Of course, if you order the print book from Amazon or CreateSpace, it still won't arrive for a few days, but you can buy it now if you want.  You can also order it from my Etsy shop.

If you wish a signed copy, then email me at and I'll get back to you with the details.

Every day until the 18th, I'm going to give away a small piece of memorabilia I've gathered on this journey: photos, magazines, an audio CD of old time radio, a DVD of a film, of a television appearance, a few original lobby cards from Ann's films.  So stop by frequently and see what's happening.  I'll let you know day by day what the prize is, and I'll just pick the winners from a hat. 

Since a number of bloggers have kindly offered to review the book, I'll link to their blogs throughout the month, before and after the 18th, whenever they decide to post.  Other bloggers will be posting their interviews with me.  If you care to get involved, please send me an email at:

Special thanks to Laura at Laura's Miscellaneous Musings for reviewing the book yesterday on her excellent blog here.

You can read (or listen to) interviews with me and reviews of Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star. at these sites:

Laura's Miscellaneous Musings
Twenty Four Frames
Old Hollywood Films
The Junot Files (YouTube)
Java's Journey
Wide Screen World
Vienna's Classic Hollywood
Silver Screenings

If you want put to your name in for the daily raffle of stuff, please, also, send me an email.  Don't just leave a comment in the comments box because I need some way to contact you if you've won.  Your email will never be published, I will NOT be putting it on my newsletter list, it will not be used for anything except contacting you tell you if you've won, and to ask where to send the stuff. 

Today's prize is a set of three photos.  Two are black and white stills from scenes from The Helen Morgan Story (1957), which we discussed here, and one is a color postcard. The movie stills are 8 x 10 glossies, originals (I think, but I'm not sure), and the postcard is original, with a slight flaws at top and bottom of the image.

So, that's what's on the block for today.  If this suits your fancy, send me an email to and just say something like "Give me the Helen Morgan photos."

Until June 18th, if you want to enter this daily contest more than once, even if you've already won a prize, go ahead.  I don't care.  I'm going to wait until the end of it to send out these items to the winners, in case some of you do win more than once, and it'll save me several trips to the post office if I do it one time at the end. 

Also, if you happen live outside of the United States, that's okay.  I will mail to our friends and neighbors around the globe.

That's it for today.  I'll see you tomorrow with more stuff.

Available from Amazon.comCreateSpace, my Etsy shop, and directly from the author: Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star., the first book written on the career of Ann Blyth.

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