Thursday, May 14, 2015

Updates, Blogathon, and a Plea for Boris Karloff

A couple of updates today, but first, a call for help in finding an old kinescope.  Yeah, I know, you've got a cellar full of them.

And this is not for me, by the way, but for a university professor in Spain who contacted me about this previous post in which I mentioned that Boris Karloff once starred in an early television special as Don Quixote, with Grace Kelly as Dulcinea.

This program was part of the CBS Television Workshop, broadcast January 13, 1952.  TV-land was a wild place then, unafraid of experimentation or attempting to do a revered literary classic in a half hour.  

The gentleman who contacted me is writing a book on the filmed versions of Don Quixote, and wanted to know if I had any information on this program, if I had seen it, and where he could obtain a copy, or view it himself.  Unfortunately, I have not seen it, and am coming up blank in my attempts to help him.

Therefore I ask readers of this blog to pass the word along, and if there is any hope of finding this show, if it still exits, please email me at: and I'll pass the word along. 


A reminder that this Saturday, May 16th is National Classic Movie Day, or will be if there can be enough people on board.  To celebrate, Rick at Classic Film & TV Café is hosting a one-day blogathon called My Favorite Classic Movie. 

I'll be blogging about The Best Years of Our Lives, but with a little twist.  Since I've already blogged about this film, I'll be posting a one-act play about one fan's obsession with this movie.  See you Saturday.

I’ll be speaking and giving a PowerPoint presentation at the Springfield Armory National Historic Site in Springfield, Massachusetts, in celebration of Armory Day on Saturday, June 20, 2015.  The topic will be “Revolution versus Rebellion” about nineteenth century mill girls, arms manufacturing, inventions, Milton Bradley’s games for soldiers, and author Charles Dickens’ tour down the Connecticut River on a steamboat—the lively world of technological and commercial revolution springing to life in the North during the American Civil War.  The talk will be at noon, part of the day-long festivities of Armory Day.  One Armory Square, Springfield, Mass.  Have a look at the website for more information:

I’ll be doing a book signing at the Agawam, Massachusetts, Public Library on Monday, June 22nd at their READLocal author fair from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 750 Cooper Street, Agawam, Massachusetts.  A selection of all my books, fiction and non-fiction, will be available.
More next week about my upcoming book on Ann Blyth. 


Java Bean Rush said...

I congratulate you again for the Ann Blyth book. I'm so excited for you!

About the Boris Karloff television special: the professor might contact the New York Public Library ( as they have tons of old kine-scopes and television appearances.

It could be in there. If not, it certainly would be a good place to ask for referrals.

The professor might also try the vast film and kinescope catalog of
The Library of Congress (

I hope that helps.

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thank you, Java. Your well wishes mean a lot to me. It's going to be pretty exciting around here in June.

Those are great suggestions to find the Karloff kinescope. I know the Paley Media collection doesn't have it, but it's good to know there are other places to hunt for it. Thanks.

Caftan Woman said...

I can't wait for National Classic Movie Day. The idea for your post intrigues me.

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thanks, CW. I'm looking forward to reading your post, and about everyone's favorites, which is a good theme for this blogathon. I hope the day catches on.

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