Thursday, September 26, 2013

Party Like It's 1904 - Book Giveaway

Oh, yeah, party like it's 1904.  Today I'm offering a free paperback copy of my novel Meet Me in Nuthatch to the lucky winner whose name I a draw out of a hat.  It's an Australian Akubra, actually, but that has nothing to do with it.  Just send me an email at with the heading I WANT THE BOOK.  You have from now until next Thursday, when promptly (or as soon as I finish breakfast) at 8 a.m. Eastern Time, I shall draw the lucky winner and announce it on next Thursday's blog post.  Then I will email the winner on where to send the book.  No emails or addresses will ever be made public.

Here's the story:
A publicity stunt to attract tourists to a small dying town results in the entire community turning the clock back to 1904. It is local Christmas tree farmer Everett Campbell's idea, after watching the film Meet Me in St. Louis, his young daughter's new favorite movie. What begins as half practical joke and half desperate ploy initiates the rebirth of Nuthatch, Massachusetts. Tourists do come, along with the media. To Everett's dismay, his campaign to save their community results in also attracting representatives of a chain of theme parks who want to buy Nuthatch 1904. Everett now stands to lose his town in a way he never imagined, and the community is divided on which alternate future to choose. A local drug dealer, the longtime enemy of Everett, may hold their future in his hands unless Everett can pull off his most spectacular, and dangerous, practical joke.
It's poignant, it's silly, and it's got an old movie reference.  What more could you ask?   With the holiday season approaching (I know, nobody likes to be reminded of December in September), I'm going to be offering a few of my books, one a month in this manner.  Maybe you have a Great Uncle Herman who's difficult to buy for.  Maybe you need a gift for your Cousin Louise, who nobody in the family likes.  Get her this.  It would serve her right.
Remember, just an email with I WANT THE BOOK, and your gift-buying woes could be over.
See you next week

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Yvette said...

I WANT THE BOOK! Ha. No shouting. Just making sure to get your attention. :)

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