Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cleaning Up After the Sale

I was going to push on to "The Toast of New York" today, but I forgot I had to give the answers to Monday's trivia/screen cap fire sale.   We'll talk about that movie next week.

We had some pretty good guesses, and I think Karen swept the most right answers.  I'm especially amazed at guessing number 1, my favorite, from "The Narrow Margin" (1952).  This sublime moment of chaos, as seemingly comic as it it intense, could be from any movie. 

Number 2 is our old friend Zazu Pitts in "The Bargain of the Century" (1933).

Number 3 is James Cagney and the back of Gladys George's head in "The Roaring Twenties" (1939).

Number 4 is Jennifer Jones and John Garfield in "We Were Strangers" (1949).

Number 5 is -- Yes, Yvette!  Kerwin Mathews (I never thought anybody would get that) and Brian Keith from "5 Against the House" (1955).

I'd also like to take a moment to announce that my latest novel "The Current Rate of Exchange" is now FREE at, available only as an ebook at this time.


Caftan Woman said...

Number 2 was driving me crazy!

Karen said...

Just wanted to say how much fun I had at your fire sale! Even though they ran out of punch, I had a good time and ended up spent most of the day there!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

So glad you could come, Karen, even though you drank all the punch yourself and kicked a face painter for drawing Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on your forehead with indelligble Magic Marker.

Oh, well. All in good fun. Next time I might just give all my unsued screen caps to Goodwill.

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