Monday, August 29, 2011

Leftover Screen Cap Sale - Bargains Galore!


Isn't this a beauty?  One of our finest unused screen caps.  Know what movie it's from?  You tell me. 

Here at the Another Old Movie Blog End of Summer/Fire Sale/Hurricane Sale -- we have a choice selection of unused screen caps that are sure to fit any budget.   Not all are quite as dynamic as our number one pick, but I'm sure you'll find something useful here for any budget.   Make me an offer, or just tell me what actors and what movies are represented here.

Take your time.  And there's free punch,  balloons, and face painting in the parking lot.






ClassicBecky said...

How much for #3 - looks to be from one of my favorites, The Roaring Twenties. If so, the back of the head belongs to either Priscilla Lane when she came to the bar to ask Cagney for help, or Gladys George who stuck with Cagney through thick and thin. The hair looks like Lane. I guess you can tell I love the movie, and boy will I be embarrassed if that's not the right one.

So is this something I can win like a contest, or do I have to bid for it? LOL!

ClassicBecky said...

P.S. Love the top picture, but can't identify it!

Karen said...

Fun! Number 1 is from The Narrow Margin, and Number 3 is from The Roaring Twenties (showing James Cagney and Gladys George).

I believe that's John Garfield in the shadows of Number 4, and I know Brian Keith is one of the men seated on the stoop in Number 5, but that's about it.

Karen said...

I'm back to take another stab at these. The lady in Number 2 looks mighty Zasu Pitts-y to me, although I've no clue what the movie could be. And I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Number 4 is We Were Strangers, and that the performers shown are Jennifer Jones and John Garfield.

I think I'll head out to the parking lot to get my face painted now!

Caftan Woman said...

Gee, all the smart people got here before me!

#4: We Were Strangers

Yvette said...

Number 4 looks like Beverly Garland and John Garfield?

Yvette said...

No, not Beverly Garland...

That guy behind Brian Keith is SO familiar. He played in many B films and on television...his name is on the tip of my tongue...!

Kerwin, Brian, Kevin....Jeez, I hate when that happens.

Yvette said...

Kerwin Matthews? Something like that.

ari_1965 said...

Ooh, the only one I know is #3: James Cagney in The Roaring Twenties. I think Gladys George is the woman. Panama was her character's name.

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