Thursday, May 12, 2011

Classic Films of 1939 Blogathon - reminder

Just a reminder that on Monday the 16th, we join the Classic Films of 1939 Blogathon, sponsored by the Classic Movie Blog Association. The blog entries run from Sunday the 15th through Tuesday the 17th, so be sure to check out the many wonderful blogs which are participating in this salute to that very special movie year. Here’s a list.

My turn at bat on Monday will be “Only Angels Have Wings” (1939), directed by Howard Hawks, and starring Cary Grant and Jean Arthur, with Rita Hayworth and Richard Barthlemess. I hope you can stop by. This poster is swiped from the blog “My Love of Old Hollywood”, where Page has gathered a terrific collection from the films we’re showcasing on the 1939 Blogathon. Go have a look. See you Monday in Barranca.


Irene Palfy said...

I am really looking out for this blogathon! It's such an amazing idea! (and 1939 was such a good film year!)

Page said...

Cary Grant is my boyfriend in case you weren't aware so I can't wait to see your review on one of his superb films.
Looking forward to Sunday.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Welcome, Page. Now that I know Cary Grant is your boyfriend, I will be sure to keep my hands off him. I can't speak for Jean Arthur, though. You may have trouble with her.

Moira Finnie said...

Oh, Jacqueline, I love Only Angels Have Wings--though the star of the movie for me has always been Noah Beery, Jr.! What a great role for him. I know that you will find so much to examine in that richly textured film. I'm really looking forward to your comments.

Btw, I'm glad that Blogger came back with your posts!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Hi, Moira. I'm looking forward to your post, as I've never seen the film you've you point out on your blog, probably a lot of us haven't.

In "Angels", I'm torn between Thomas Mitchell and Victor Kilian, who plays Sparks. I just love those two. And Richard Barthlemess. The minor players and character actors in this film make you want to know more about them.

I'm also glad Blogger came back. I already put my post up for Monday and saved it as a draft because it's long (no surprise there), and I won't have time to fiddle with it Monday morning. When I thought I'd lost it, I was ready to change my name and leave town.

Page said...

I think Blogger had is all holding our breath and choosing a few not so nice words. Blogger certainly has amazing timing.

Anyway, again I look forward to your review on this grand film showcasing my boyfriend Cary. : )
See you right back here on Monday.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Hi again, Page. I know, the first thing I thought of was, what about the blogathon? Looking forward to it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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