Monday, March 28, 2011

A few odds and ends...

A few things to clear off my desk today:

First, this is to give a promo for the Classic Movie Blog Association’s 1939 Blogathon coming up in May. I’m participating as well, and looking forward to all the great blog posts of the Association members on that special movie year.

Second, Zoë of “The Big Parade” passed on a “Stylish Blogger Award” to me, and I’ll keep my acceptance speech short and just comply with the rules of the game:

I must pass it on to 7 other stylish bloggers, and I must write 7 random tell-all facts about myself.

Now, “tell-all” facts is going to be pretty nearly impossible. I come from a long line of rather reserved people, who mostly do nothing worth the telling.  And, as Zoë hopes to travel to the U.S. sometime, I will tell her now that people in New England, the part of the country where I live, do not even make eye contact. It’s nothing personal. And that’s the whole point.

Here, then, a very spare list of random facts:

One: I have three novels indie-published as ebooks. So far. Stand by.

Two: I worked as a newspaper columnist, assistant editor for a history magazine, and also freelanced for years.   For many years I worked on a manual typewriter.  My fingers are so strong I could crush you like a bug.  I have gone through several computer keyboards.  Plastic is sissy stuff when you're used to plunking metal.

Three: I’ve been watching old movies since I was old enough to blink. I can remember feeling shocked and alienated as a teenager when my friends did not know who Zasu Pitts was, or had never heard of James Wong Howe. I figured it was their loss.

Four: I once rode a mule on one of those trail rides for tourists along (but not down) the Grand Canyon, while a cowboy named Bill rode his horse alongside me and recited his own cowboy poetry to me. It was one of the best vacation moments I’ve ever had.

Five: I like blogging better than Facebook or Twitter, possibly because I like a slow pan across a scene.  I dislike quick cuts and that attention deficit disorder-type film style so prevalent now in everything from movies to commercials, to television news graphics and titles.

Six: I’m having trouble thinking of random facts. All these awards seem to require them and I’ve run out of interesting material. Also, a few people I was going to tag for this award were given it by others who beat me to the punch.

Seven: In tribute to Zoë, who graciously presented me with this award, I will confess that New Zealand is one of my favorite places. Even though I was almost swept into the Pacific Ocean during gale-force winds while attempting to have my picture taken at the signpost on the tip of Cape Reinga.

Now, my seven nominees are (if you’ve already been tagged, excuse me):

“Allure” - which is nothing but stylish,

“Skeins of Thought” - by that classy dame, Moira Finnie

“Shopping Days in Retro Boston” - some of the clothes in those terrific old ads are stylish. Some…eh.

The contributing staff at “Limerwrecks” for making me laugh and just being so entertaining.

"Noir of the Week" - yikes, this is stylish.

Dorian at “Tales of the Easily Distracted”, a new and very interesting blog.

And my dear “Caftan Woman”, for every classy observation.

Congratulations, all.

Now all that’s left for me to do is to announce that this blog will be going on hiatus for a couple of weeks. I’ll still respond to comments for a few days, but I’ve got some other work to tend to, and I’ll be back with a new post on Monday, April 11th.

A play of mine called “One Good Turn” was chosen as a winner in the Northern Kentucky University Y.E.S. Festival of Plays, so if any readers down in the Cincinnati area have some free time the weekend of April 9th through 10th, this and two other winning plays, one by Kelly Kingston Strayer, and one by Karla Jennings, will premiere. Maybe I'll see you there.  The festival runs through April 17th. 

So long for now.


DorianTB said...

Wow! Jacqueline, I'm truly honored and delighted that you chose me as one of your Stylish Blogger Award winners! Beaucoup thanks indeed! I owe it all to growing up in a household of loveable readers and movie mavens, including my dear late mom, who is no doubt calling down from Heaven, "See, Little Bird, didn't I always tell you that you're stylish?" :-) I'd love to read your book CADMIUM YELLOW, BLOOD RED sometime, too; it sounds like my kind of suspense novel. Thanks again, Jacqueline!

DorianTB said...

Silly me, in all the excitement of receiving the Stylish Blogger Award, I forgot to include 7 "tell-all" facts about myself. My only concern is that I might repeat myself, having shared various fun facts in my blog posts. :-) Here goes:

1.) I was born in New York City on June 8th, 1963, the daughter of Jacqueline Kehoe (then Tenore, née Cherry), a vivacious model-turned-medical/legal secretary, and Peter James Tenore, a bookie-turned-restaurant manager, both now deceased.

2.) I was diagnosed as autistic in 1966 at the age of 3! As you can see, I got better. ;-) See my interview, if you like:

3.) I’ve been happily married to the love of my life, Vinnie Bartilucci - whom I met in 1985 in appropriately wacky style at an improvisational comedy class, but that’s a story in itself - since July 14th, 1989.

4.) In addition to blogging, I'm active in two writers' workshops: LinkOnline, run by my friend Ann Chiappetta ( and First Draft Online, founded by yours truly, though my friend Avery Cohen took over when life got too busy for me to run it (;

5.) On October 30th, 1996, Vinnie and I became the proud - and busy! - parents of Siobhan Maggie Bartilucci. As a toddler, she was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome, but to our relief and joy, Siobhan has since become a smart, funny, high-functioning, high-spirited young lady with an affectionate nature, a love of animation, and excellent grades in her Inclusion classes, in a mainstream school with lots of resources for Aspies and other kids with special needs.

6.) Siobhan and I had the opportunity to meet my favorite contemporary actor, Adrien Brody, at the New York Comic Con last year. Despite nearly missing our chance to meet him because the lines were hectic and mismanaged (long story - wait for the movie! :-)), Brody went out of his way to be kind and generous, giving us face time and autographs, as well as praising Siobhan for being so patient and upbeat. Such a mensch, bless him!

7.) I'm currently working with a professional ghost editor to polish up my first novel, THE PARANOIA CLUB, and I'm nearly finished writing my second novel, THE PARANOIA CLUB. Both are character-driven tongue-in-cheek suspense thrillers. If you'd like a taste of THE PARANOIA CLUB, here's a link to Chapter 1:

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Dorian, you clearly top me for interesting facts. Best of luck with your first novel, how exciting.

DorianTB said...

Jacqueline, thanks for your kind words, but don't sell yourself short, interest-wise; you're a regular firecracker! :-) By the way, I just realized I was calling both my novels "THE PARANOIA CLUB" - oops, sorry! My second novel is in fact titled SUBURBAN OUTLAWS, and it's set in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, where I lived happily for many years before we moved to NE PA in order to follow the job Vinnie had at the time. Different job since then, but we're still living in and loving NE PA, especially since it's only a 90-ish minute drive to visit our hometown, NYC! :-)

Caftan Woman said...

Never before has my name been linked with the word "stylish". I shall strive to be worthy of the honour.

Operator_99 said...

Jacqueline, Thanks so much for taking the time to acknowledge my little corner of the blogosphere. We all blog because we love our subject matter and your blog reflects that.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thanks all, for your great blogs.

Yvette said...

Jacqueline: Have a great time in the real world. WOW! You're having a play produced! NOW THAT IS INTERESTING! Play writing is something that has always attracted me, but as usual, I've done nothing about it. Good luck with it!

I loved reading about your cowboy sojourn. And to hear that you've visited New Zealand. WOW!

Congrats on the Sylish award!

P.S. I'm from NYC, we never look anyone in the eye. Ha!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thank you, Yvette. The real world may have its charms, but I'll be glad to get back to this one. As for not looking people in the eye, perhaps you folks from NYC do it for common sense safety. We New Englanders do it from cussedness.

Except for us introverts who do it because we just can't make ourselves hold eye contact for too long.

Caftan Woman said...

Oh, by the way. Break a leg!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thank you.

Rick29 said...

Congrats for being stylish (I knew you were!). Looking forward the big blogathon!

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