Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick or Treating

Here are some trick-or-treaters from 1847, or so "The Man with the Cloak" (1951) would suggest.  I didn't know there were trick-or-treaters in 1847.  I thought they were just hoodlums vandalizing the neighborhood until people started giving them candy in 1950s suburbia.

We covered "The Man with the Cloak" in this prevous post.  It's not really about Halloween, though the Man of the title, an historical figure, knew a lot about terror.

These kids do their trick-or-treating at a tavern in New York City, and get a pile of doughnuts fresh off the broom handle.  I think I'd trade Sweetarts and a Snickers just for the panache of it.


John Hayes said...

I can sort of see the producers trying to figure out what was remotely plausible to give trick or treaters in the mid 19th century! Nothing like some good anachronism--great fun.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

It does look a bit forced. But, I like doughnuts. I think I'll make me some and stick 'em on a broom handle.

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