Monday, April 5, 2010

Going for a drive

Now that the weather’s turning more mild and the sun hangs a bit higher in the sky every day, let’s go for drive. See if you can name these folks and their movies.









Wendymoon said...

#1 - Clifton Webb & Dorothy McGuire - Three Coins in a Fountain

#2 - Joseph Cotton - Shadow of a Doubt maybe?

I recognize William Holden & Van Johnson too, but not their movies pictured. Fun!

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Wendymoon. I'll spill the beans on who's who this coming Thursday.

Quirky Character said...

1. Clifton Webb with ?. Movie: no idea.
2. Joseph Cotten in "The Third Man." Not sure, though, about the movie.
3. Roz Russell with Arthur O'Connell in "Picnic."
4. No idea.
5. Bogie and Gloria Grahame in "In a Lonely Place."
6. Bill Holden and Cliff Robertson, again in "Picnic."
7. The woman looks like Jane Wyman. Or is it Dorothy McGuire? I confuse them all the time (and don't like either). Movie and man: no idea.

Ari_1965 said...

1. Clifton Webb & Dorothy McGuire from Three Coins in the Fountain

2. Joseph Cotton, but don't know the film.

3. Rosalind Russell and Arthur Hill in Picnic.

4. Maggie McNamara and Louis Jourdan from Three Coins in the Fountain

5. Humprhey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott in In a Lonely Place. ???

6. William Holden in Picnic. Can't remember the other guy.

7. Van Johnson. Don't know the woman or the film.

chatchien said...

#3 and #6: Picnic

#3: Rosalind Russell and Arthur O'Connell
#6: William Holden and Cliff Robertson

#4 Three Coins in a Fountain
Maggie McNamara and Louis Jordan

#5: No idea as to the movie but is the man Humphrey Bogart? So, maybe the woman is Gloria Graham and the movie is In a Lonely Place?

#6: The Invitation with Dorothy MacGuire and Van Johnson.

Caftan Woman said...

I love a quiz.

1. Webb & McGuire in the fountain
2. Joe, maybe "Journey Into Fear"
3. Rosemary and Howard on a Picnic
4. Doesn't MM look like Elinor Donahue from a distance?
5. I'm shocked that I recognize the back of Gloria Grahame's head!
6. Seften and the Big Kahuna on a Picnic
6. Got me!
7. Didn't you just blog about this one?

panavia999 said...

I made sure not to look at other comments
1 Clifton Webb Dorothy Macguire in 3 coins in the fountain
2 Joseph Cotten: Walk Softly Stranger
3 Ros Russel and Arthur O'Coneell in Picnic
4 Maggie McNamara and Louis Jourdan in 3 Coins in the Fountain
5 Wm Holden and Cliff Robertson in Picnic
6 humphrey bogart?
7 Invitation with Van Johnson and MacGuire. But you just blogged on this so that's too easy - unless it's a trick question.
BTW, a drive doesn't have to be in a car, it could be horse drawn!

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