Monday, September 28, 2009

Trivia Emergency

We interrupt this blog for a trivia emergency. I recently had an email from a reader named Pam who asks for the name of the movie which has this scene:

“I was wondering if you know of a movie, probably from the 40's or 50's where a man and a woman swim across a body of water and there are gold or silver amulets below them (like faces, maybe on necklaces) at the bottom of the shallow water. I think there may be drum beats in the background. I think it's a jungle like setting. They enter the water, swim towards the camera and get out. Thank you so much if you DO know.”

I admit, I do not know, though I wondered if it might be “Pagan Love Song” (1950) with Esther Williams. If you know the answer to this one, please let us know. Thanks.

ADDENDUM: Okay, so this really isn't an emergency. But we need to practice these drills so that we'll be ready if we ever have a real trivia emergency.


Lolita said...

Sound like it could be a Tarzan movie? Swimming in the jungle, I mean. But unfortunately, I have no clue.

panavia999 said...

Here's our chance to check the Pagan Love Song theory!
"Pagan Love song" is TCM Today, OCTOBER 6 2009 AT 6pm EDT, 9PM PDT.
Honestly, it sounds like campy fun if nothing else. Esther Williams as an English woman gone native in Tahiti....? Swimming in the lagoon with a bevy of natives I suppose. I'm programming the VCR at lunchtime.
Prior to Pagan Love Song, there are some early 30's Ronald Colman movies. It's a good day for an old movie buff.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Aha! Let's all make a mad dash for the recorders! Thanks for the heads-up,

panavia999 said...

Oops!! I programmed the DVD to record Ronald Colman films and forgot about Pagan Love Song.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

That's funny, because I messed up, too. Now we'll never know. Did anybody else see that danged "Pagan Love Song"?

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