Thursday, February 22, 2024

Second anniversary of World War III


Today, February 24, 2024, marks the second anniversary of World War III.  Those who do not acknowledge it as such or think of it only as an escalation of the Russo-Ukranian War of 2014 have their heads in the sand, or their hands in a foreign adversary's pocket.  But future historians will record it as such.  

We can send arms now to Ukraine (and nearly 90 percent of that money stays in the U.S. to pay American manufacturers to replace our old supplies and stockpiles with new ones), or we can pay in American lives months down the road.  We had the same choice in the late 1930s and we blew it, largely because of the greed and stupidity, and outright bigotry, of radical right isolationists, and for many of them, a sick and slavish love of authoritarianism.  America First equates to Fascism First.  

Slava Ukraini!

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