Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Robert Wise Book - - and 2 Blogathons!

Today a couple of announcements of coming attractions, and a note to draw your kind attention to a new book on the films of Robert Wise. 

The book is Robert Wise: The Motion Pictures by Joe Jordan, with foreword by Gavin MacLeod and introduction by Douglas E. Wise, nephew of the famed director.  I supplied a blurb for the author posted currently on Amazon:

“Meticulous research by Joe Jordan makes this a thorough study of director Robert Wise, which classic film fans will appreciate.  Jordan examines the body of Wise’s work in a film-by-film journey, his information woven neatly with interviews of participants providing the voices.  They are the soundtrack, and Jordan’s careful presentation of the material is the long tracking shot that lures us into a sudden, sharp, and breathtaking close-up, echoing the director’s own careful craftsmanship.”

If you're a fan of Robert Wise's work, have a look at this thorough survey of his movies.  It's available in eBook and paperback from Amazon.


Also on the docket are two blog events for next week: First, National Classic Movie Day on Tuesday, May 16th .  A blogathon with many classic movie bloggers participating will be a treat for old movie fans.  Read more from Rick at Classic Film and TV Café for a list of blogs.  The topic is to pick our five favorite movie stars and why we like them.


Another blogathon to celebrate next week is the Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA) Spring Blogathon, the topic for which is "Unseen and Underrated".  My pick for that post will be The Pied Piper (1942,) which will also lead off a series I'll be starting on the lives, and fate, of children during World War II as depicted in films of the era.

See you next week!


Caftan Woman said...

I love much of Robert Wise's work, especially in the 50s. He struck me, from interviews, as a dedicated professional and a caring person, particularly free of ego.

Rick29 said...

Thanks for the promotion of National Classic Movie Day! It was so much fun on Twitter last year and I'm looking forward to the blogathon. The Robert Wise book sounds like an interesting read. I was always amazed by his abilities make any kind of movie. Surely, he was one of the versatile of all Hollywood directors!

Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Great assessment of Mr. Wise, CW and Rick. Looking forward to your National Classic Movie Day blogathon!

Pleasant Street said...

I love your list and every actor you mentioned is also a favourite of mine. I see now this coming up with only five will not be easy

Joseph Cotten especially has always been a favourite

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