Thursday, May 16, 2013

You Are Here

One of the things I love most about old movies is you always know where you are.

You don't need any stupid GPS devices. 

In fact, if you really need a GPS device to get anywhere, it's because you're too lazy to read a map.
Of course, maps can be difficult to fold back up sometimes.
And they don't give them away free at the gas station anymore.
But with old movies, the name of wherever you are is just plastered all across the sky.  This is very convenient.
Jeez, I don't how that got in here.  Sorry.  I was on a roll.
I'll be speaking at the Chicopee Historical Society, meeting at the Chicopee Public Library, Front Street, Chicopee, Massachusetts on Thursday, May 16th with a PowerPoint presentation about topics from my recently published States of Mind: New England. That book will be available for sale at this event.



Moira Finnie said...

How thrilling about your new book and your talk. Wish Chicopee wasn't five hours away from here by car!

Say, while you are mulling over the imagery before GPS, let's not forget the music that they always used under a city's name...ragtime was usually played under the turn of the century movies for NY or Chicago of San Francisco...accordian music behind images of Paris...lush operatic scores for modern Rome...kettle drums for ancient Rome..."God Save the Queen" or the like under images of London Bridge or Big Ben. I'm sure there are more...

Mythical Monkey said...

Got a good laugh out of the "Sherman!" title card.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thanks Monkey. Funny how Sherman just barges in where he's not wanted. I hear he's done that sort of thing before.

Moira, if I'm ever "appearing at a theater near you" as they say, I'll let you know. I'd love to meet you.

It seems like every time they show New York they play "Sidewalks of New York" or going westward, "California Here I Come." I love the old music cues. That's funny about the accordion music for Paris. My gosh, yes. Great topic.

Caftan Woman said...

I'll bet you wowed 'em in Chicopee.

Pine trees, snow drifts and/or Niagara Falls might signal a shift over the border to Canada. Hollywood's theme music for us is "The Maple Leaf Forever". Listen for it. There will be a test.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Well, it wasn't like the movies when somebody from the crowd runs up on stage and offers you a contract.

"The Maple Leaf Forever." Hmm. Here at the end of "Susannah of the Mounties" (1939) -

I'm going to keep my ears open from now on and post "The Maple Leaf Forever" ALERTS.

Rich said...

You still see title cards indicating location; they're just nowhere near as big and prominent.

Yvette said...

What a clever post, Jacqueline. I love knowing where I am if it's important to the movie. :)

They still use these sometimes in thrillers. Very handy when things are moving at the speed of light.

Good luck with your presentation and book signing. :)

Anne said...

I never thought of it but you are right about the titles and it HELPS to keep one on track ....had a laugh over Sherman . The flaming background helped in that lol

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