Monday, August 23, 2010

More Cement, Take Two

For Jean Harlow, whose stardom seemed cemented after her soon to be nationally released “Dinner at Eight” (1933), it was case of “try, try again” when getting the star treatment at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

On September 25, 1933, she was the main attraction on stage at the Chinese Theater for a live ceremony before a paying audience to watch her plunk her hands and her high-heeled shoes into a slab of wet cement. Presumably flashbulbs, presumably applause, and presumably a handy towel to wipe the gunk off her hands and shoes.

Not presumed at all was the quick-drying cement, which had dried so quickly that when the slab was attempted to be moved, it was dropped. Smashed to smithereens.

Take two. Four days later, a very game Jean Harlow repeats the ceremony, this time outdoors on the sidewalk, on September 29, 1933. “To Sid in Appreciation - Jean Harlow” she signed the new slab of wet cement, and presumably Sid Grauman appreciated her return engagement.

Jean Harlow, sadly, did not have too many more second chances in her young life. She died four years later in 1937, at 26 years old.

For more on the footprints in cement occasion, have a look at this website.


John Hayes said...

An interesting story--I hadn't known about that. Someone with butter fingers!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Hi, John. Butter fingers and slipped disk, maybe.

Caftan Woman said...

Jean seems like she was a grand, easy-going gal. I'll bet she made a joke out of the whole thing.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

You're probably right.

Jonny said...

As the song says....only the good die young. Stories like this are always sad and make me greatful that I live in a time where I can live longer.

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