Monday, July 6, 2009

Invitation to a Virtual Cocktail Party

This is to invite you all to a Hollywood cocktail party. Virtually.

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from literary agent Rachelle Gardner, who recently on her blog, “Rants and Ramblings”, conducted a kind of open house for her readers to attend a virtual blog party and introduce themselves.

This being a blog about old movies, we can’t just have a virtual house party or a virtual backyard barbecue. It behooves us to put on the dog. Virtually.

So, this coming Thursday, July 9th, please stop by and bring your friends, and mingle. Leave a line or two, or paragraph, in the comments section about you and your blog and leave a link, so that we can all go camp on your couch.

But remember, this is a Hollywood cocktail party in the grand old manner. I want everyone dressed to the nines and smelling good. Gallons of “Jungle Red” nail polish (movie reference, anyone?) and buckets of Brylcreem. No jeans.

And no need to bring anything, either. I’m having it catered by the Mocambo. I’m trying to get Hoagy Carmichael to sit at the piano for a while, but we keep playing telephone tag.

See you Thursday. Dahling.


Ed Howard said...

What a nice idea. I've posted a link to this at my new Film Blog Calendar, where I'm going to be keeping track of all film blog events of this sort.

John Hayes said...

Sounds like fun-- I'll be there!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Delighted, gentlemen. And Ed, your new "Film Blog Calendar" is a great idea, I'll be checking in regularly to see what's up with everyone.

J708 said...

hey! great blog you got going right there. I finally found someone I can read the opinion off who likes classical movies. check out my blog at

I got a similar thing going but I rant and give my opinion about movies i like and dislike in the past 100 years:) thanks. love ur site.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Welcome, J708, and good luck with your blog.

panavia999 said...

I've marked my calendar. Neat idea!

Laura said...

Love the Jungle Red reference, I'd better go pick up a bottle before The Women clear out the store. LOL.

Fun idea, Jacqueline!

Best wishes,

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

And your gown by Adrian. So far, you're the only one who caught "The Women" reference, congratulations.

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