Monday, December 1, 2008

More Things to Like

Addendum to ten things I like (because I keep thinking of things I like, because this post has, like Frankenstein, walked right out of the lab and is meandering wildly through the streets of classic movie blogs beyond all control, and because I’m still too full from Thanksgiving to write a coherent post):


Men standing when women enter the room.

“What’s that, you say?!!” (In an excitable voice, usually while on the phone, but much funnier when one person is saying to another person’s face.)

Ballroom scenes.

Playful husbands and wives, i.e., Nick and Nora Charles, Claudia and David (Dang, that woman keeps entering these blog posts. The Siren knows who I mean.), and Mr. and Mrs. Potter from “Holiday” (1938).

Shopping trips and brown paper packages tied up with strings. (Where’ve I heard that before?)

The stark glare of a streetlamp’s light filtered through blinds and the horizontal stripes it leaves on the walls.

Plaid floor to ceiling drapes.

Any scene where a piano is moved, preferably hoisted up into an upper story window.

The deft movement of inserting or removing a hatpin to secure the chapeau to the lady’s coiffure.

Ladies wearing white gloves, and how and under what circumstance they remove them. (I recently noticed in “Invitation” - dang, there’s that woman again - where the actress Ruth Roman removes her right glove to drink coffee, and leaves her left glove on that is holding her cigarette.)


Laura said...

Another great list! It's marvelous this idea has "taken off," it's spawned wonderful discussions.

Best wishes,

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Hi, Laura. I'm fascinated by all the commenters' attention to detail. Classic movie bloggers seem to be generally on the same wavelength about what they like.

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