Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now Playing 1944

This magazine ad for “Days of Glory” (1944) was published on this day, April 24, 1944, though the film would not be released until June. Ballerina Tamara Toumanova and Gregory Peck are guerillas fighting off the Nazis in Russia.

Not mentioned in the ad is Alan Reed, who played Sasha, in his first screen appearance. Mr. Reed would later become famous for voicing Fred Flintstone. It’s interesting that he did not have an unusual voice in terms of sound or quirky characteristics, but his voice effusively indicated a larger than life personality, so much so that his fame was based on it, and not on his on-screen work.


Anonymous said...

Toumanova and Peck really went for a Garbo and Gilbert pose with that kiss, didn't they? Did this come from a trade press publication or a popular magazine?

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Hi, Thom. Sorry I'm so late in replying, but as you probably know from the meme tag that I did not answer, I was away. I'm pretty sure this came from a Life magazine. I love the artwork on some of these old film ads.

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