Monday, December 12, 2011

In a World Without Blow Dryers


Time for more inane screen cap trivia.  Who in these scenes has the wet hair, and who is doing the towel-drying of same?  From what movie? 



Answers on Thursday.  Now go wash your hair and get somebody else to towel dry it for you.  It's the movie star way.

Or if you're too lazy to wash it yourself, you can always get somebody to do that, too:



LucieWickfield said...

Oh dear. Allow me to wrack my brains for a minute.

1. Only Angels Have Wings (Cary Grant/Rita Hayworth)

2. Here Comes the Groom (Bing Crosby/Alexis Smith)

3. No idea. The towelee looks a bit like Lana Turner, or perhaps Jean Arthur, and I think her assistant is Ruth Donnelly.

4. Once again, no idea. The windows behind are pretty.

Caftan Woman said...

#3 is, I believe, Ruth Donnelly and Jean Arthur in "More Than a Secretary". They keep showing clips on TCM for a DVD set.

I know that lady in #4 and it's driving me crazy!!

MovieLover said...

What a mess! Love how older movies make me grateful for blowdryers and wonderful salons on every corner!

Yvette said...

I missed this first time around, but now I have the pix and the answers. :)

I've been thinking...(uh-oh!) that maybe I'd like to do one of these sorts of scene quizzes myself. Looks like a fun thing to do.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Got for it, Yvette. I just sort of collect these images when watching movies and save them, either literally, or just in my mind for future use. Some people collect matchbooks (or used to). I collect stupid screen caps.

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