Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drive-in Theater, Rhode Island

Not much but the sign of this drive-in movie theater if you’re driving northbound on Route 146 in Rhode Island. But that’s the way it is with drive-ins, you have to enter the inner sanctum to see what’s there. What’s there is just nothing but a big screen, and the big black night sky, and maybe the soft glow from the snack bar.

In the daytime, there’s no magic.

This drive-in theatre, now called the Rustic Tri-view, was opened in 1951 in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. As mentioned in this previous post on drive-ins, there aren’t a lot left in New England, but this one’s managed to survive the decades. It is now the only drive-in movie theater left in the state of Rhode Island.

For more on the Rustic Tri-view (so named for its three screens), have a look at this website, and here.


Fred Theilig said...

Been there many times. In my youth there were several in the area, but only the Rustic survives. Bearly. I haven't been since a fire a couple years ago. I had better take a trip before the season ends.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Thanks for checking in, Fred. I'm glad to hear from readers who've actually been to these places. If you do manage a movie before the season ends, let us know what's playing.

golf guides said...

I miss going to drive-in theater, those were the days :(

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Welcome, golf guides. You might have to drive a far piece, but I hope you can find one.

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