Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Doctor Zhivago" 45th Anniversary Release - Preview/Contest

A couple of days ago Warner Home Video released a new state-of-the-art restoration on Blu-ray disc and DVD to mark the 45th anniversary of "Doctor Zhivago" (1965).  Director David Lean’s romantic epic film on the lives and intrigues of people at different levels of society thrown together during the timultuous Russian Revolution is now remastered and digitally restored.  Included in both the premium Blu-ray book and the 45th Anniversary DVD edition is brand new bonus content, including a new documentary on the enduring legacy of the film.

Beginning Monday, May 17th, we'll be conducing a contest to give away a copy of "Doctor Zhivago", in the winner's choice of either Blu-ray or DVD, in cooperation with Warner Home Video.  The drawing will be held on Thursday, May 20th.  More later about that.

First, a bit more about the film:
The 1965 film captures the essence of Boris Pasternak’s Russian novel of remarkable passion and sweeping grandeur, presenting an intimate and deeply emotional story against the enormous backdrop of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution.

Omar Sharif stars in the title role of Doctor Zhivago, portraying the surgeon-poet over a half-century period. Zhivago, who is married to Tonya (Geraldine Chaplin), an aristocratic girl with whom he raises a family, is also in love with Lara (Julie Christie), a nurse whose life has been destroyed by tragedy. Repeatedly brought together and separated from each woman by war and revolution, Zhivago is torn apart by conflict. He loves Tonya deeply but his poetic soul belongs to Lara. Much like his beloved country, Zhivago’s spirit becomes battered by the devastation of war as he struggles to maintain his individualism in the face of overwhelming odds.

New Special Features:

Doctor Zhivago: A Celebration Part 1 & 2 (all-new production)
Additional Special Features:

• Commentary by Omar Sharif, Rod Steiger and Lady Sandra Lean

(wife of David Lean) Part 1 & 2

• Introduction by Omar Sharif

• Doctor Zhivago: The Making of a Russian Epic

• 11 Vintage Featurettes

• Zhivago: Behind the Camera with David Lean

• David Lean's Film of Doctor Zhivago

• Moscow in Madrid

• Pasternak

• New York Press Interviews Omar Sharif

• New York Press Interviews Julie Christie

• Geraldine Chaplin Screen Test

For now, here is just a little something to whet your appetite.  (Don't forget to scroll to the black box at the bottom of this blog page and pause the music on the usual soundtrack.)


Tom said...

It sounds like there are a few more features than the last Special Edition release. Nice.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

I'll be reviewing the features when we run the contest in a couple weeks. They do sound pretty nice.

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