Monday, August 1, 2011

Who's Calling, Please?

Who are these folks hogging the phone and in what movies?  Go ahead, it's your nickel.







Answers on Thursday.  You'll just have to hold the line until then.


LucieWickfield said...

This is disgraceful, but I only recognize four, five and six. Number three is going to haunt me for the rest of the day.

Number 4: June Allyson in Executive Suite?
Number 5: Robert Keith in Here Comes the Groom
Number 6: Jean Arthur in The More the Merrier

I'd give anything to have one of those phones.

MC said...

#1 is Janet Leigh in A Holiday Affair (I think!), and of course #6 is darling Jean Arthur in The More the Merrier. Is #3 Bogie in Casablanca? You always stump me with these quizzes. :)


Elisabeth said...

Could the Bogart one possibly be from Dark Passage?

Caftan Woman said...

I see most of my guesses got here before me.

However, here's a stab at a couple:
#2: Richard Gaines in "Strange Bargain".
#3: Bogie in "Conflict".

I can't pinpoint the Allyson flick, but I want to wear what she's wearing and live where she's living - and probably with whoever her leading man might be!