Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who's Calling, Please?

Who's calling? You tell me. Actor name, character name, movie.






chatchien said...

Number 2, I definitely know.
Rosaliind Russell in His Girl Friday as Hildy Johnson

Number 3 looks like Spencer Tracy before the booze took its toll, so it must be from the fifties.

Number 4 is Judy Garland. Is this from an Andy Hardy movie?

Number 1: I know the character actor but I can't remember his name. Dang!

Well those are my answers and guesses.

Caftan Woman said...

#1: Lewis Stone, "Judge Hardy"?
#2: Hildy!
#3: I believe that to be my fellow Canuck Walter Pidgeon, but I can't place the movie.
#4: Judy. From her age and type of phone I'm guessing "Ziegfeld Girl" or "Presenting Lily Mars".

Are the phones in the top picture from the reporter's room in "His Girl Friday"?

One of my favourite uses of the phone is in "Theodora Goes Wild" with Thomas Mitchell as the small town newspaper editor getting all the news on the scandal.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Very good guesses, both of you. Caftan Woman, you're right about #1. In this case, the good Judge Hardy appears in "Life Begins for Andy Hardy" (see this previous post:

You're both right on Hildy, aka Rosalind Russell in "His Girl Friday."

For #3, Caftan Woman scores again, as it is indeed Her Fellow Canuck, Walter Pidgeon. The film is "Executive Suite", see the post coming up for September 6th.

For #4, chatchien is right in guessing Judy appears here in another Andy Hardy movie. We go back to "Life Begins for Andy Hardy" here.

Thanks so much for playing along, friends. Caftan Woman, your remark on "Theodora Goes Wild" makes me think this use of the phone in movies requires re-visiting in a future post.

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