Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are You Popular? - 1947

I think we’re all due for a refresher course from those good folks at Coronet classroom instructional films:
“Are You Popular?” (1947).


Matthew Coniam said...

I love these films! A year or so back I acquired an old unlabelled video tape that was full of them. One of them has the first Darrin from Bewitched in it.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Hi, Matthew. I remember seeing that one with Dick York (good old Darrin #1). I ought to track that down one of these days. Yes, sir, if it wasn't for Coronet educational films, I don't know where we'd be today. Probably walking around with grubby fingernails and uncombed hair. I don't even like to think about it.

John Hayes said...

That was priceless!

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

I think they should make these Coronet films today for surly customer service reps.

John Hayes said...

Perhaps I should suggest that to the powers that be at a certain "major US manufacturer of consumer goods!"

Moira Finnie said...

Well, now I know why I'm not popular. I park in cars, and try to share my charms with lots of boys, even if they treat me like something stuck on their shoe when they meet me in school.

I don't want to go their stinkin' weenie roast anyway. At least I don't sit around my room with Ellen and stare at that hideous wallpaper while waiting for a boy to call and ask me for a date for three weeks from Thursday! I call them, and then dodge the folks by shimmying down a drainpipe outside my window to their waiting hot rod. At least my dates don't have to be hypocrites pretending those rock hard brownies from Caroline's house are yummy or feigning "being at ease" with my parents.

And I LIKE parking in cars with a series of boys. Use men like kleenex and toss 'em away, that's my style.

Yours in skankiness,

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

John, I agree we should not name names. Let's keep this on a higher plateau. You surly customer service reps out there, you know who you are.

Ginny, I know your friend Moira put you up to this, so I'm not going to tell you parents. However, I think you should stop associating with Miss Finnie. She is a bad apple. Her plaid school jumper is too short, and she will come to no good end. I only pray someone will lock her in a room with nothing to watch but Coronet educational films. And a plate of brownies.

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